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'Living on our own, together'

“Where do we start?”
That is a question we frequently get asked when families are considering moving their loved one into an assisted living facility. We understand that this can be a confusing and tiresome process, and that is why we would like to offer you as much information and help to get you through this task.

The first step in considering residency here at The Bradley House, is determining whether the potential resident will be happy residing in a single room.  Our rooms are single with either a private bath or a shared bath.  After making this determination, it is most helpful to fill out our Inquiry Form, located on the Contact Us page, or by clicking here. This will give us your basic information and we will then send you our Application for Residency, or you can download and print this off yourself. The Application for Residency is located above.

After submitting our Inquiry Form, it is best to schedule a tour of The Bradley House. You can do this either by filling out our Tour Request Form located on our Contact Us page or by clicking here.  You can also call the Administrative Assistant to set up a date and time.  At the tour, we will show you various locations of The Bradley House, including our living room, dining rooms, activity rooms, and any vacant resident rooms.  If we have no vacant rooms at the time, we will do our best to show you an occupied room if permission is granted to us by the current resident.  

After completing the tour, we recommend sitting down with our Registered Nurse, Lisa Holabird, to discuss the potential resident’s current health needs, expectations, and goals related to their health.  If the nurse determines that the person is a good candidate for assisted living, then meeting with our Business Administrator would be the next step. The overall financial status will be discussed and reviewed to determine eligibility.  Four years of financial records are also requested to determine the ability to support assisted living cost on a monthly, long term basis.   

To expedite this whole process, having the Application for Residency completed and with you is the easiest way to process your application.  Part of the Application for Residency will need to be completed by the potential resident’s physician. The physician can either mail or fax the completed documents.

If it is decided that the person’s health and financial status is stable, and there is an available room, the next step is choosing a move in date.  If there is no vacant room at the time of applying for residency, you can choose to be added to our wait list.

To be To be eligible for admission to The Bradley House, individuals must be capable of getting to meals on a regular basis, performing personal care with minimal assistance, and satisfying fire and other safety regulations. Residents must also be associated with a local physician. Physical handicap, sensory impairment, or mild dementia would not necessarily exclude one from residency at The Bradley House.

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Moving to a new home is always challenging and stressful at any age, and there are always positives and negatives to any change.  At The Bradley House, each resident has their own living space which offers solitude and privacy, yet at the same time there is support and social interaction available.  Our motto is “Living on our own, together”.

Yes, we encourage residents to bring their own furniture and items and to decorate their living space to suit their individual style. However, it is important to remember that there is only  one room and not an entire house or apartment that needs to  be furnished. Carefully selecting items to bring will help minimize fire hazards and lessen feeling overwhelmed.

Yes,but you must be under the care of a local physician.

Yes, we have a minimum age requirement of 65

Yes, we do have a wait list, and would be happy to add you if there are no vacant rooms, or if you are just not ready  to move yet but would like the opportunity to remain active  in our application process.

Yes, our Activity Director keeps the residents busy with various outings, art projects, presentations and other  engagements. Please see our activity page for more details.

Yes, The Bradley House provides three nutritious, balanced  meals each day, and snacks and drinks throughout the day.  Residents are welcome to have a small refrigerator in their  room if they have snacks or drinks that they would like to buy themselves.

Level III means a residential care home licensed and required  to provide room, board, personal care, general supervision, medication management and nursing overview as defined by Residential Care Home Licensing Regulations.